Global Education Service

An education consulting service provider consisting of seasoned professional educators driving modern, innovative educational programs designed for the modern world.

Consultancy services assist educational institutions and students develop
and implement:

Innovative Programs

Encompass a broad grounding in essential management knowledge and skills; international collaborations; strategic thinking; entrepreneurship; leadership and ethical responsibility intended to prepare the student to thrive in today‘s challenging and complex business environment. Assist students who specialize in Business Administration; Public Administration; Accounting; Social Work; Cyber-Security; Nursing or Entrepreneurship.
The objectives of the program are to assist educational institutions and students find and navigate the provision of academic and experiential environments that foster

1. the development of problem solving skills;
2. the strategic use of financial data and tools;
3. the demonstration of cultural intelligence;
4. the demonstration of professional integrity;
5. the application of theory to real life situations.

Experiential Education

  • Assist On-line Students in Revitalizing and Transforming their Communities through:
  • Internships -identifying and accessing internships that provide the opportunity and environment for students to integrate theory with practice in real world experiences.
  • Connecting students to institutes in law; youth development/training and entrepreneurship training and development.

Youth and Adult Development

  • Emphasis on STEM; assist students gain access to projects involving computer use and coding; literacy (language history and math).
  • Establishing collaboration between colleges and universities and the business community to enhance opportunities for students to master STEM
  • Facilitate projects to assist schools in the development of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) programs for students.

Cyber Security

Assist educational institutions in structuring Cyber Security program thorough the examination of principles and theories associated with network security, including national security; offensive and defensive information warfare; and malware forensics.

The objectives of the program are to identify environments designed to provide students with the academic tools to
1. Analyze trends affecting security;
2. Identify organizational risk exposure;
3. Analyze concepts of information security;
4. Develop strategies to prevent security losses.


Assist educational institutions and students in the use of the Constitution as a framework to focus on civil and human rights with projects (in housing; environment; education, etc.) that promote both.


Help people who want to start businesses understand the dynamics and processes of getting started.

Identifying and participating in the preparation of academically-promising students to succeed in high-level graduate and professional education, and, eventually, to take their place as tomorrow’s intellectual leaders in our society.

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